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Market problems

Main L1 active users
  • The number of users across the board in crypto is atrocious as L1 layer such as Polkadot, Hashgraph or Avalanche have at most 60.000 users monthly. Thus dApps are far less used. DeFi is niche and complicated/scary. Play-to-Earn are just a bunch of unsustainable ponzis powered by disgustingly made games. Move-to-Earn doesn't create any fundamental value and is bound to crash as well. Metaverse won't see the light technically at scale for some years. In comparison the 20th social network, Reddit has 5 times as many users as the whole crypto.
  • One major problem with Web3 right now is it isn’t accessible to the masses. The current state of Web3 is confusing, not so user-friendly and complex jargon is commonly used. Most people still have no idea how it can provide value to our lives.
  • No existing value chain for new creators to monetize their time.

Internet User Distribution

Total Internet users versus Total Crypto users
  • The internet gathers social medias users.
  • No one is using dApps. Exchanges (DEX, CEX) represented by Binance are the main use cases in crypto.

YouMeme's solution

So, our real chance of onboarding mainstream people is to target social medias and enroll their users from Web2 to Web3. The most obvious niche to start with is memes.
We don't need to be serious to do something big. Memes are the centerpiece of today's society. What we are creating is Memes on steroid. Anyone in the world uses memes, shares memes and has fun with it. You don’t judge memes, memes don’t need to be perfect, you just enjoy them. People spend an average of 3.5 hours of their own time on social networks each day and get nothing for it. We believe that this is unfair. YouMeme aims to change the current paradigm where users are the end product. Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to make money on social networks, regardless of the number of subscribers. Users will have have opportunities to monetize their time spent on the platform enjoy the super gamified UI to its fullest thanks to a reward system based on a Meme-To-Earn model, a next-gen NFT marketplace, and much more!

How does it work?

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What else?

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Disclaimer: YouMeme being in beta version, regular updates and bugs are to be expected.